Privacy Policy

We at just want to send you awesome content.  We won’t be selling, trading, or giving away your email address to anyone for any reason.  Mailchimp handles our mailing list and unless you sign up through them, we don’t send a thing.  Mailchimp does let us know the number of people who open a particular email and that gives us information on how well we are connecting to our visitors’ interests.  It doesn’t give us any chance to hunt you down and demand you take us more seriously.

We use cookies. These are small data files placed on your computer, smartphone, or tablet in order for that device to remember when you were here last and any preferences you may have indicated at that time.  They don’t troll your computer and they don’t submit data back to us.  It’s like having a favorite waiter who always remembers your preference for cream in your coffee.

When you visit us here at, we use Google Analytics to collect anonymous information such the number of visitors and which recipes they are looking at.  We don’t know who those visitors are and can’t find out.  Just numbers.

You are entitled to view, amend, or delete the personal information that we hold. Email your request to Kate at or send us a letter at Sweetness and Spice, 5139 34th Ave S, No. 17316 Minneapolis, MN 55417.

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