Seasoning Blends

Sweetness (Chris) and Spice (Kate) have been married for over 20 years and love cooking together.  We always find joy in serving friends and family original, fun, spicy, sweet, savory, and delicious food whenever given the chance.  

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Hamburger and hot dog buns, golden and ready to take out of the oven.

60-Minute Buns

A fast, tasty, and versatile bun that’s good for a cookout, as dinner rolls, or any number of other uses…and ready in just 1 hour.

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A plate with several flatbreads spread out on it.

Easy Yogurt Flatbread

Easily go from nothing to eight pieces of tangy yogurt flatbread in under 30 minutes, using just 5 ingredients you probably already have.

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Pearl Couscous Pilaf

This pilaf has enough flavor to hold its own, but won’t overwhelm your main course. It’s easy to make and stars tangy Middle Eastern za’atar.

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